Streamline operations with FM Retail’s warehouse management system

We’ve developed our warehouse management system over the years to become a highly adaptable solution for managing all your warehousing needs. Whether you're organising stock on shelves, fulfilling eCommerce orders, or handling a mix of everything, FM Retail’s warehouse management system is here to simplify it all.


FM’s warehouse management system comes equipped with extra features tailored for our wholesale clients, enabling the management of both ‘packs' and 'single' variations of the same product.

Comprehensive Stock Management


Unlike most warehouse management systems, FM offers a holistic view of your stock across various sectors, including retail, wholesale, eCommerce, and your warehouse itself. This integrated approach empowers you to optimise your stock management, reduce excess holding and prevent over-buying. No more stock gathering dust on shelves; we help you get it where it's likely to be sold.

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Manage various warehouse locations, including 'virtual' warehouses, like Amazon FBA or supplier stock levels.


Multiple Bin Types

Categorise bins for ‘goods received’, ‘picking’, ‘holding’ and ‘bulk storage’, ensuring efficient organisation and retrieval.


Handheld Device Integration

Our system seamlessly integrates with hand held devices for tasks like 'put away' and ‘picking’. Record precise stock locations and quantities, accommodating different products in the same bin or the same products in multiple bins.

Our handheld 'picking' software guides your warehouse staff to the required bin locations, speeding up the process from pick to dispatch. You can perform stock takes, goods received, put away and picking, all from a single, integrated solution.


Real-time Monitoring

FM’s warehouse management system constantly monitors bin stock levels, alerting your staff when levels are running low.


Automated Replenishment

Streamline eCommerce and store replenishment picking processes with our automation features.


Pick Admin Dashboard

Keep an eye on stock and order status in real-time with FM’s 'pick admin' dashboard.


Comprehensive Reporting

Get valuable insights with our warehouse management system reporting features that show real-time stock positions within your warehouse and across your company. Our productivity reports help identify areas for improvement, ensuring your picking staff is performing at their best.


Start managing your warehouse operations efficiently and effectively with our feature-rich warehouse management system. Contact our team today to arrange a demo.  

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