Manage stock easily across your business with FM Retail’s stock management system


Tracking stock movement in detail is essential, especially if you operate across web stores, marketplaces, or traditional retail and wholesale outlets. FM’s stock management system makes this easier by centralising real-time stock figures from all areas of your business.


Real-time visibility across your business


From purchase orders and goods received to warehousing and distribution, gain real-time visibility into the location of your stock across your entire business. Keep tabs on inventory in your warehouse, branches, returns and even virtual stock from suppliers with FM's advanced stock management system.


Effortless stock takes


Take advantage of FM Mobile for effortless stock takes, providing a quick and simple solution for conducting stock checks throughout your business. Our mobile device works seamlessly in real-time or can operate offline in areas with limited internet connectivity.


Generate stock reports


Stock reports are a vital tool for retailers to enhance profitability, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by enabling data-driven decision making. Using FM Retail’s stock management system, you can create stock level and valuation reports, sell-through reports, buyers' guides and stock movement reports.


Stock replenishment


FM Retail’s popular stock management system employs configurable replenishment calculations to ensure stock availability in the right locations.


Interbranch transfers


Facilitate seamless interbranch transfers across stock locations with our stock management system, tracking stock every step of the way.

Gain complete control over your stock with FM Retail’s stock management system. Contact our team today to arrange a demo.

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