Create personalised experiences with FM Retail’s data capture solutions

FM Retail’s Customer Data Capture solutions give your business the power to collect and analyse valuable customer purchasing information, so you can create tailored marketing campaigns that really make an impact!




eReceipts, now favoured by many customers, have gained popularity due to their environmentally-friendly approach and convenience. But that's not all - they also serve as an excellent data capture solution to help you increase sales.


FM Retail integrates with EYOS ONE, which connects a brand’s offline and online channels with digital receipts that do more than just send a copy of the sales summary. With EYOS and FM Retail, personalised customer engagement continues long after your customer has left the store.


By using this data capture solution, you can easily send links to leave online reviews, personalised product recommendations and next visit discounts.


EYOS and FM Retail’s sophisticated reporting also makes it easy to precisely monitor the return on investment (ROI) for online advertising expenditure in relation to in-store sales.


Customer tracking


FM Retail's Customer Tracking system generates comprehensive reports for every customer transaction. Whether customers make purchases online or in-store using an FM PoS, we capture and synchronise their customer details. This means we have an extensive dataset for customers, regardless of their purchase channel.


Customer data capture solutions like this enable you to monitor their shopping behaviours effectively. This data can seamlessly integrate with specialised CRM packages, simplifying the process of implementing targeted marketing campaigns.


Start creating tailored experiences based on preferences, behaviours and shopping history with our popular Customer Data Capture solutions. Contact our team here to learn more.

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