Manage product listings on multiple sales channels from just one system with FM’s marketplace software.

No more jumping between platforms to update products! FM Retail’s marketplace software offers effortless integration with popular marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Zalando, Next Plus, Very and more, allowing you to efficiently manage all your listings from just one solution.

Real-time stock updates


Ensure your stock and pricing information stays up-to-date and accurate across each channel with real-time updates using FM Retail's marketplace software. This guarantees a smoother shopping experience for your customers.


Efficient order processing & delivery


FM Retail’s marketplace software automates the processing of marketplace orders, effortlessly generating picks, delivery notes and invoices.


Comprehensive customer data


Gain access to detailed customer information and sales data from each platform with our marketplace software reporting. Utilise this powerful data to enhance your e-commerce strategy and make informed business decisions.

Experience the future of online retail management with FM's marketplace software. Streamline your operations, reduce human error, engage your customers and drive growth like never before. Contact our team to get started.

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