Simple Warehouse Processes

FM Retail makes it simple to consolidate your inventory database into one place. We streamline the warehouse process, increase the speed of stocktaking and collating orders.

Here are some of our key features:

Inventory management

Manage your inventory through extensive product categorisation. FM Retail allows for alternative barcodes, multi-currency pricing, and multiple price bands.

Outer carton labelling

Ever received a carton with various styles, sizes and colours in the same box? With our software, only the outer label of the carton needs to be labelled and scanned, and FM Retail will automatically specify the carton’s contents, even if they are mixed.

Bin locations

Speed up your time collecting orders from various locations in the warehouse by using our handheld devices. Save time and effort from your warehouse operatives, letting you fulfil orders more efficiently. 

Real time and batch scanning

As you use the software, your inventory and stock will automatically update. That's not all, for those store owners who are not always connected to wireless internet- batch scanning allows your stock to update whenever you reconnect - keeping your data as fresh and current as possible. 

Ongoing support

FM Retail is here for you every step of the way. We train your staff to use the FM system, and you can get in touch anytime for support.

Third party integration

FM Retail integrates with a variety of prominent industry partners to complement our services. Partners include: Worldpay, Verifone, and Sage. It also integrates with your preferred online retail channels like Amazon, eBay, and Magento. Click here to learn more about our industry partners.
“The system is fast, reliable and for all of this, FM Retail has been a key factor in helping us grow.”
Guery Ferrufino, IT Manager