The power of eReceipts

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The days of having a wallet full of scrunched-up receipts are numbered as digital receipts are quickly overtaking paper. It's not just convenience and cost savings that are fuelling this change. Here are some of the other major benefits of going digital:


Know your customers:

Traditional sales for a retail store are generally anonymous. Offering eReceipts identifies these anonymous customers, helping you analyse their customer purchasing habits and use this valuable data for business and marketing reporting.


Data collection:

When you ask a customer whether they'd like an eReceipt, you can also take the opportunity to request their consent for other email communications. At FM Retail, we've offered eReceipts for many years in partnership with EYOS ONE. EYOS connects brands' offline and online channels with digital receipts that do more than just send a copy of the sales summary. EYOS can help you make personalised engagement with the customer long after they leave the store using digital receipts that reflect your brand. You can include links to leave online reviews, tailor-made product recommendations, up-sell opportunities, referral or next visit coupons and surveys - the possibilities are endless!


Environmentally friendly:

There are 300 million paper receipts printed every year in the UK, and over half of these are non-recyclable! Over 90% of paper receipts are made of thermal paper coated in bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS). These chemicals react with printer heat to display your purchase information, which keeps your receipt legible for longer. These harmful substances are difficult to separate and could contaminate other paper materials heading for recycling. Digital receipts create zero physical waste! France, for example, will enforce e-invoicing by 2024, eliminating paper receipts as standard. The French government will start with larger companies and work its way down to smaller retailers.


Start offering eReceipts with FM Retail's integration to EYOS

EYOS is already integrated with your FM Retail system, which means getting started with these smart, sophisticated digital receipts is no hassle. To start using eReceipts, call us on 0330 024 5014. 

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