Manage Stock with FM Mobile - Now on Android!

FM Mobile

FM Retail is proud to announce the latest version of FM Mobile, now available on our new Android device!

FM Mobile offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing efficiency and productivity in retail environments. Some of the key features include:


Faster Stock Takes

With FM Mobile, stock takes are quicker and more accurate. Real-time updates keep counts up to date for swift decision-making.


Simplified Goods Received

FM Mobile streamlines managing goods received. Retailers can efficiently process incoming shipments with precision and ease.


Smooth Store Transfers

FM Mobile makes inventory transfers between stores seamless. Retailers can easily track and manage stock transfers for optimal product placement.


To find out more about the benefits of FM Mobile, click here.


FM Retail is also excited to announce that a Warehouse Module for FM Mobile is in development. This module will focus on increasing picking accuracy and improving warehouse performance. FM Mobile will guide the picker through the picking process via the fastest route through the warehouse, optimising efficiency and reducing errors.


"We are pleased to introduce our latest version of FM Mobile to the retail industry," said Tony Reeves, Managing Director at Cunninghams Epos Group. "This innovative solution is designed to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and ultimately drive success for our customers. With features like real-time stock takes, streamlined goods received, and store transfers, along with upcoming enhancements such as the Warehouse Module, FM Mobile is truly a game-changer for retailers."


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