End of Life for Windows POSReady 7

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Microsoft have now ended support for Windows 7 and POSReady 7 is next on the list, with support coming to an end on 12th October 2021.


How does this impact me?


If you're currently using POS hardware which is running on Windows POSReady 7, you need to look at upgrading your hardware. Your FM Retail solution will continue to work, but without the important security updates you'll be exposing your business to malware attacks and may impact you in your PCI compliance. This is a particular issue where you're using integrated Chip & PIN devices.


What are the next steps?


There's no direct migration from Windows POS Ready 7 to Windows 10, so a fresh installation of the operating system and software is required. Our software has been developed to run on the Windows 10 family of operating systems.


We understand that there are costs associated with upgrading  - something we'd like to support our clients with. With the help of Vesta Merchant Services, our merchant services partner, we can now help you achieve the most competitive merchant acquirer rates, so you can reduce your payment processing fees and save your business money. You can find out more about this here.


To discuss your upgrade, please email our team at info@cunninghams.co.uk

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