Fashion Master provides a fully integrated Responsive Web Platform developed in the latest Microsoft ASP.NET MVC environment. 

A Responsive website provides automatically scaled views for the browsing device i.e. Desktop PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. As it is one website for all devices, all content is entered once only along with all SEO information.

Fashion Master also provides a full featured SOAP API to allow Real-time integration with 3rd party web platforms and a dedicated Magento API for integration with Magento based websites.

The Fashion Master Web Platform is available in Standard, Corporate and Enterprise levels depending on the features required, number of products and volume of orders to be processed.   


Step 1 in the website development process is the Consultation. The objective is to identify the key functions of the client website, timescales, integration and operational requirements.

Understanding the client's required Market Positioning and Business Expansion Plans are also key factors to be explored.

The outcome of the Consultation process will be a design brief that incorporates all the agreed functionality, processes and objectives.


Step 2 is the design process where the clients ideas of look and feel are converted to Visual Concepts by our Graphic Design team.

Through an iterative process between the client and our team the concept designs are modified and improved until the finished result exactly matches the client's visual expectations.

Throughout the process our experienced design team will provide advice and recommendations about what is possible or not in the web environment from a functionality viewpoint. 


Step 3 is the build process. Here the Visual Designs are converted to pages of HTML overlayed on the Fashion Master Web Platform to provide the first glimpse of a working website.

The build process is carried out in stages to allow each section to be tested, approved and signed off by the client.

At the earliest opportunity the website will be connected to a database holding a copy of the clients product data and images. This allows thorough system testing in as close to live environment as possible.

Go Live

Step 4 is Go Live. During the first few days of Live Operation it is essential to closely monitor and check all operations of the website to ensure that each process is carried out as planned.

The Fashion Master Web Platform has built in Order Status Tracking to allow full interrogation of completed and un-completed orders.